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Kamat brothers of Zerodha will now manage the money, this is a condition.

Mumbai: Zerodha is the largest discount broking firm in the country. The credit goes to its founders Nitin Kamat and Nikhil Kamat. Now these two are also going to manage the money of rich investors. The condition for this is that they will have a stake in the profits.

The company's asset management firm was launched on 27 August. It is expected to have an investment of up to Rs 100 crore. Nikhil Kamat said in a phone interview, "We feel that there is no product in the market that understands the real needs of the customers."

He pointed to several such alternative investment funds (AIFs), which include many things like management fees, carry costs. He described his fund as a different type of AIF. They are increasing this through True Beacon.

Kamat said, "We earn money only when our customers earn money. If he invests 100 rupees, then only 100 rupees go to his account. When 100 rupees go ahead and become 110 rupees, then We will charge one rupee from the investors' profits. "

It is the third category fund of AIF. This fund can also take derivative positions and can also take loans for investment. Kamat said that 60 percent of the fund will be invested in shares, while 40 percent will be invested in long-short fund.

It will be an open-ended fund, says Kamat. From this fund, they wish to get a return of 20 percent every year. After this fund, it seems that after becoming Zerodha retail focused brokerage, it is ready to give emphasis to rich investors.

Nikhil Kamat said his skill in fund management said, "We are going to more rich investors. Our margin in this fund is so low that we will not be able to serve more customers. We are going to such customers, Who can invest up to at least $ 20 lakh (about Rs 14 crore). "

True Beacon is an equal partnership between the Kamat brothers. He is also joined on the board by Dubai Senior Advisor Richard Petal. Petal is also a senior adviser to Zerodha. Prior to this, he has been associated as Advisor to the post of Vice-Chairman of Standard Chartered Private Bank.

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