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Reliance Retail shareholders get a proposal to change shares from RIL.

Mumbai: The country's most valuable company, Reliance Industries (RIL), has launched a special scheme for the shareholders of one of its unlisted entities. The company says that the shareholders of Reliance Retail can exchange their shares with the shares of Reliance Industries. Through this exchange, the value of Reliance's retail business has doubled compared to its biggest rival, DeMart. Based on the swap ratio, the value of Reliance Retail's business is being estimated at Rs 2.5 lakh crore.

Under this scheme, shareholders of Reliance Retail will get one share of Reliance Industries for every four shares. Its information has been given on the website of Reliance Industries. Reliance Retail is an unlisted entity of RIL. The scheme will be applicable to the employees of Reliance Retail, who were allotted shares or limited share units under various employee share option schemes. The company argues that no capital structure of any company will be changed through this scheme.

According to the company's joint source, the liquidity of the shares will increase through this scheme. The trading of shares listed on the exchanges is simple. Last year, Reliance Retail had net sales of Rs 1.3 lakh crore, with EBIDTA of Rs 6,201 crore.

Earlier, according to ET's report, Reliance Retail shares are trading between Rs 475 and Rs 500 in the unlisted market, due to which its value is being estimated at Rs 2.5-2.75 lakh crore. This is close to the value of ITC and twice the Avenue Super-marts.

RIL had said in August 2019 that in the year 2024, it would list Reliance Retail. Reliance started the retail business in the year 2006. The company has spent Rs 14,000 crore on this business. The company has a network of 10,644 stores.

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