Sensex Nifty will give return next year too. Share Market News.

Sensex-Nifty can give 15% return next year too.

The country's benchmark index or the Sensex-Nifty may rise by 15 per cent in the year 2020. The stock market sentiment is expected to improve with the general budget and economic recovery coming in February. ET got this information in a poll. According to the poll, investors interested in investing in the stock market in the new year will increase interest in mid and small-cap stocks. His hesitation to take risks will end once the recovery in India's economy starts.

On Monday, the BSE Sensex closed at 41,642.66 and the Nifty at 12,262.75 without much change.

ET conducted this survey between 26 fund managers and the research head of the brokerage house. 48 per cent of the people surveyed in ET said that in the new year, the major index can rise up to 15 per cent, while 29 per cent people are likely to see an increase of 10%.

S Krishna Kumar, chief investment officer, Sundaram Mutual Fund, told ET, "The situation in business sectors like auto and metal is improving. There is enough cash in the banking system today, banks are not short of capital. RBI rates. The customers of the loss are getting benefit soon. The balance sheet of the companies is also much better. "

He told, "Good news will start coming in the first quarter of next year. We are expecting 12-15 per cent returns from the stock market in the new year."

Gaurav Dua, head of capital market strategy and investment at Sharekhan, a brokerage firm owned by BNP Paribas, said the Sensex-Nifty is expected to grow 8-10 per cent in 2020.

He said, "We expect an economic recovery next year. Due to this, the profit growth of companies will be faster. With this the provisioning of banks will decrease, hence their profit will increase."

31 per cent of the ET survey experts said that the Nifty could move between 12,400-12,500 by the budget day i.e. 1 February 2020. This means that by then they are expecting a rise of one to two per cent in the index.

19 per cent of the experts see the possibility of the Nifty going between 12,200-12,400 by that time. Another 19 per cent of experts say that the index will remain between 12,500-12,700 till February 1, while 13 per cent expect it to reach 13,000 by then.

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