Fake news on Coronavirus | See how Chinese tricked the world?

How the Chinese tricked the world with a virus.

According to Faktxeber, China used an interesting economic tactic, fooled everyone around its finger and earned more than $ 20 billion in a couple of days.

Plus, it returned about 30% of the shares of its monopolies.

XI Jinping has over the EU and America, and how beautiful it is!

In front of the whole world, he played it all out.

Previously, part of the shares of technology companies belonged to foreign investors, Americans and Europeans - this means that almost half of the income from the heavy and chemical industries

went not to the Treasury of China, but the accounts of the "financial sharks" of Europe.

Due to the situation in Wuhan, the yuan began to fall sharply, but the Central Bank did nothing to support the yuan.

Even there were rumours that China simply does not have masks to fight the coronavirus.

These rumours and XI Jinping's statements that he is ready and will protect the population of Wuhan led to a big drop in the price of shares of Chinese technology

companies, and "financial sharks" began to put the shares up for sale until they were completely devalued.

XI Jinping waited all week and only smiled at press conferences, and when the price fell below the plinth, he gave the command to sharply buy shares from all Europeans

By the time these "financial sharks" realized that they had been tricked, it was too late: the shares were in the hands of the PRC.

Not only did China earn more than $ 20 billion in these days, but it also returned shares of its companies to China.

Now the income from technology and chemistry will not go abroad but will remain in China, the yuan rises by itself, and you do not need to spend China's gold

and foreign exchange reserves to support it, and the "financial sharks" of Europe are left with their noses, they have been deceived.

In a matter of minutes, they bought shares for a penny that bring in billions of dollars and left them without income from technology and chemistry.

There has never been such a brilliant operation in the history of the stock market.

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