Be an Advisory in Stock Market. Stock Market Tips and Advisory.

Expert Advice: Instead of listening to things for good returns from stocks rely on research.

Utility desk: There is no doubt that people make the most money in the stock market. But it is equally true that many people lose money in the stock market. If you do not have a good understanding of the stock market, do not invest in just what you hear. Rather, first, do your research and find out which areas of the stock are available at a low price and are likely to earn good returns. Make investment decisions based on your own research. Rajesh Roshan, Director, RD Investments here are some of the things that need to be known before investing in the stock market.

Investing in stocks of different sectors is beneficial.


Increase information, stick to thumb rule.

Books are the easiest and most reliable source of information. Two books should be read by all investors. One of them is Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor. This is similar to the Bible for investors. The second book is "Letters to Share Holders" by Warren Buffett. In both these books, the thumb rules of investment are given. These should be followed when making investment decisions.

Only invest extra money.


Save money that will not be needed for the next five years, just invest that money in the stock market. Don't invest in borrowing. In the stock market, always take risks according to your ability. If you invest a little money every month in the stock market, it can be a great way to invest.

Start with index stocks.

You should invest not just by looking at the price of the stock, but by taking into account the potential earnings in it. The simplest way is to select shares from 30 Sensex companies that have good earnings. These companies are in the Sensex because they are the most valued.
Never buy shares of different companies in the same sector. Invest in shares of companies of different sectors like banks, IT, MFCG, auto, petroleum and power. This can help you reduce your risk. At the same time, you can take advantage of the momentum coming in stocks of a particular sector.

Buy what you know and understand.

In the stock market, you can buy shares of any company, but in the beginning, you should buy shares of the same company that you know, that is, the products you use in your daily life.

For example, you can get more understanding of a company that makes Maggi, Oil, Biscuit, etc. It takes a while to understand a company with Hardware Manufacturing, Software, Web Developing. Invest in a company whose business you understand well.

Set a fixed price.

To sell a stock, always set a fixed price for your stock. Like if you set a target to buy and sell a stock at a price of 1000 thousand, then when the price of this share goes up to 1300 we will sell it. As soon as your stock price reaches the target price, you bench it.

Don't buy too many shares at once.

Don't buy too many shares of a single company at once. You should buy shares of companies from many different sectors. You can increase the limit of your stock on a weekly or monthly basis.

Choose a good company.

You should buy Equity (shares) of a company that is strong financially, and also see how its management is. Because a company that is financially crippled or who is upset about its management increases the chances of its share price decreasing.

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