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All trading holidays in the year 2020.

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Even the Stock exchange needs some days off, we are talking about the trading holidays in Calendar year 2020, You all must know it already that stock market stays closed on every Saturday and Sunday, everybody needs a weekend come on. 

But there is good news for all the enthusiastic stock market investors out there, the number of trading holidays in this year is lesser than that of in the calendar year 2019. There were in total 16 trading holidays last year but in the calendar year 2020, there will be just 12, yes four more days of happy investments. 

The reason behind this decrease in the number of holidays is contributed by the fact that most of the holidays are falling on Saturday and Sunday. These overlapping holidays are resulting in the lesser count, for instance, Republic Day (26 January) is falling on Sunday and consequently, there is no holiday in January.

The very first trading holiday of 2020 is on 21 February on the occasion of Mahashivratri and then moving on to Holi in March. April is having the maximum number trading holidays, in total four starting from Ram Navmi (02 April) then Mahavir Jayanti (06 April), Good Friday (10 April) and Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti (14 April). 

The last 15 days of April are offering no holiday other than regular weekends, directly jumping to Maharashtra Day (01 May) followed by Id-Ul-Fitr (25 May). Right after May, for the next four months June, July, August, and September there is no trading holiday till the stock market breaks its routine on Mahatma Gandhi (02 October).

 All the holidays in between May and October are intersecting with weekends. Namely, Bakri Eid, Independence Day and Ganesh Chaturthi all are falling on Saturday while Muharram is on Sunday thus, leaving no trading holidays in August. 

Afterward, there are two holidays in November, one is on the occasion of Diwali Balipratipada (16 November) and the other is for Guru Nanak Jayanti (30 November). Slowly and steadily moving towards the end of the year, the last month of 2020 is having one trading Holiday on Christmas (25 December).

This is all, a total of 12 trading Holidays in Calendar year 2020. But, here comes the most important trading calendar notification. As you all must know Stock exchange organizes a special trading session on the occasion of Laxmi Pujan every year with the name of Muhurat Trading. Muhurat trading is usually set up for 1 to 1.5 hours in the afternoon or evening time on the day of Laxmi puja, Moreover, Stock exchange mandatorily arranges this session no matter what, even if Laxmi Pujan is falling on Saturday or Sunday, 

In 2020, Laxmi Pujan (14 November) is on Saturday but Muhurat Session will still be organized as mentioned above while the exact timing will only be disclosed hours before the session as usual. For related updates and more stay tuned to our YouTube channel (NividBook

So, that is how the year ends in terms of Stock Market, lesser holidays thus more opportunities and hustle in the market. We wish you all keen stock market investors a very successful year ahead and may you invest in best while learning the best. Down below we have mentioned the summary of the Trading Holiday Calendar 2020. 

Happy investing.

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