Vijay Shekhar Sharma and the story of Paytm | From ATM to Paytm

"Sach hum nahi, sach tum nahi,

Sach hai satat sangharsh hi,

Sangharsh se hatt kar jiye toh kya jiye hum ya ki tum,

Jo panth bhul ruka nahi,

Jo haar dekh jhukha nahi,

Jo bhi paristhitiya mile,

Kaante chubhe, kaliyan khile,

Tute nahi insan, bass sandesh jeevan ka yahi

Sach hum nahi, sach tum nahi

Sach hai mahaj sangharsh hi"

-By Jagdish Gupt

Talent is a Fragrance

The above strains of Jagdish Gupt aptly exemplify the maximum famed CEO of Paytm and Second Youngest Billionaire in India.Vijay Shekhar Sharma who's a personification of courage, morale, tough paintings, perception and imaginative and prescient. It is a tale of ways a person can alternate his future through sheer tough paintings and struggles. On eighth July 1973, Vijay Shekhar Sharma became born in a small village of Aligarh in a negative own circle of relatives. His father became a college teacher and his mom became a housewife and had 3 siblings. Talent is a fragrance which manifests itself regardless of utter poverty. Though Vijay Shekhar belongs to a negative own circle of relatives his profound understanding devoted him to by skip Higher Secondary at the age of 14 best.

It Never Rains However It Pours”

Vijay Shekhar aspired to be an engineer however he neither had the cash nor do any sources to get any coaching. His shortcomings over English completely crammed the proverb ‘is by no means rains however it pours’. His sickly English in addition blocked his fulfillment in lots of ways.

 In twenty-first C. while English has dissolved in our lifestyles as sugar in water became now no longer as clean to recognize returned then with inside the 90sas it's far today. Vijay Shekhar talked to his mom that he desires to be an engineer so he desired to instruct for English. His mom denied him pronouncing they do now no longer have sufficient sources and his sister has to get married soon.

Vijay Shekhar by no means gave up on his goals because of his vulnerable English. Though he became now no longer desirable on the language, however, had commendable command over Science and Mathematics. Ultimately, on the age of 15, he now no longer best became decided on in Delhi University however additionally were given the ninth rank with inside the front exam. Vijay Shekhar who became the top-ranked in his college became the backbencher in university because of his negative English.

“A positive darkness is wanted to look the stars”.

One day, he became mocked in his magnificence while the professor requested him a query in English and he couldn't recognize it. Vijay Shekhar describes English in his very own phrases as ‘taaren zameen Par’. He commenced going to the library to recognize English. He used to translate his subject books in Hindi after which look at it. He failed with inside the 1st 12 months of Engineering due to his non-skill ability in English. English had grown to be one of the toughest boundaries with inside the direction of Vijay Shekhar fulfillment.

Strong Morale of the Iron Man

“God enables folks who assist themselves”.

The converting second in his lifestyles seemed while he visited Dariya Gunj in Old Delhi and bought a 2nd hand Forbes Magazine. He used to study the fulfillment tales of top notch businessmen. Vijay Shekharwere given exceptionally stimulated with the aid of using Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Ratan Tata that how those marketers commenced the commercial enterprise from small storage and grew to become it right into a milestone.

Vijay Shekhar had an ardent want to head Stanford and Silicon Valley however he couldn’t move because of economic disaster and paucity of sources. Such became the moral of this ‘Iron man’ that even if he couldn’t move he didn’t surrender and claimed in such obnoxious condition,

“If I can’t visit the Silicon Valley, I will make my valley into Silicon Valley”.

The First step of Vijay Shekhar: One97 Communications

In 1997 all through university days, Vijay Shekhar discovered computer systems and commenced making web sites named India site. internet which became seek engine for an enterprise. In 2001, Vijay Shekhar opened his very own enterpriseOne97 Communications that supplied a seek facility for humans. With the creation of One97 Communications, Vijay Shekhar additionally have become one of the youngest businessman in India.

To amplify One97 Communications, he took loans from banks, often at the better predominant hobby price of 24%. Due to this excessive price of the hobby, the profits from the enterprise evaporated in an employee’s salary, hobby price and hire of his house.

Slowly, those better quotes led him to stay a lifestyle of impoverishment. The price of cash may be understood with the aid of using the person who himself has starved and craved for a penny. That is why Vijay Shekhar is familiar with the significance of cash that cash is a key thing in everybody’s lifestyles.

There has been a time in his lifestyles while he didn’t have the cash to shop for cups of tea in winters. He has walked kilometers to kilometers simply to keep the cash for the day after today's breakfast. He skipped food of days and walked lengthy distances of 14 to fifteen kilometers to wait for the meetings.

Go Big or Go Home’

Vijay Shekhar conjures up to dream huge and achieve it irrespective of what. To come to be this bankruptcy, he commenced a consultancy wherein he met Mr. Piyush Agrawal. Vijay Shekhar helped Mr. Agrawal with the aid of using growing software in his enterprise which doubled his income. This act of Vijay Sharma impressed Mr. Piyush Agrawal and he provided him the submit of CEO in his enterprise however Vijay rejected.

On the alternative side, Vijay’s own circle of relatives became pressurizing him to do a service. Vijay became caught among economic crunch and its own circle of relative pressure. Now, Vijay had no different choice left aside from accepting the provider of Mr. Piyush Agrawal. Eventually, his mortgage which he had raised for One97Communications grew as much as a hefty quantity of eight lakh rupees.

Vijay shared it with Mr. Agrawal who helped him with the aid of using shopping 40% stocks of One97 Communications. And thus, the mortgage of eight lakh Rs. demolished. Vijay Shekhar says,

“I became now no longer intended to be the pony who became tamed with the aid of using someone. I became intended to be that bird — the eagle that desired to fly excessive”. And this is after I heard the phrases from Jim Morrison in a traditional song:

“We need the international, and we need it… Now!”

An Idea can alternate the World

It became the innermost need of Vijay Shekhar to construct a client brand. The Board of Directors stated that the income of One97Communications wishes to be invested in something worth mission as they cannot preserve the dividends for an extended period. They needed to use that cash. Vijay Shekhar took an excursion of the complete international and reached Beijing. There he encountered that Beijing became fatly developing in phrases of technology. He became startled to look that each range is one hundred instances larger than India. It was taken aback Vijay and he felt that if a rustic like China can do this, then why can’t India. He felt that we want to construct a price platform after which a trading platform. There emerged the concept of Paytm however the Board of Directors rejected the concept. They believed that money is King in India and the countrymen won’t approve the virtual transaction. It is an issue of entertainment that Vijay Shekhar became given a quantity of Rs 5 crore for 6 months to take a hazard whether or not Paytm can be constructed or now no longer. Finally, the concept of Paytm became accomplished and the relaxation is history.

The Magnanimous Start-up: The Paytm

“There is a will, there may be a way”.

Vijay Shekhar found developing exceptional use of smartphones. He desired to make contributions to society in order that humans can use smartphones to do the transaction on-line. On eighth July 2010, a web website became released known as below its determine enterprise One97 communications. It became constructed for the negative person –the shopkeeper or the auto-rickshaw motive force who isn't reputable or desired with the aid of using any economic institution.

Initially, it served best from on-line pay as you go cell and on-line DTH facility. Within multiple days, it popularized amongst humans because of its paying facility of power invoice, water invoice, and Gas invoice facility. Paytm made humanslifestyles clean. Within 2 years, its customers accelerated to 2 lakh fifty thousand. Paytm had grown to be a famous call with inside the international of e-trade.

Paytm bills Bank has grown to be the primary financial institution in India which gives a Zero stability contemporary account facility. The initial funding of Paytm became $2 bn in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It served in nations India and Canada. Its merchandise is Paytm cash, Paytm Gamepad, Paytmclever retail and Paytm pot paid, Paytm pockets, Paytm mall. In 2014, Paytm released Paytm pockets, and the Indian railways and Uber prevalent it as Paytm pockets. In 2017, Paytm has grown to be India’s first price app with crossing 100million apps downloaded.

The considerable and sensational second occurred for Paytm on November eighth, 2016; an ancient day in Indian History. On eighth November 2016, the exceptional step of demonetization became taken with the aid of using the Indian Government.

Demonetization banned all of the Rs50 and Rs 1000notes into a movement to restraint corruption and black cash. It boomed the virtual revolution in India and for this reason the Paytm. When demonetization unbaled humans to apply cash, humans had been pressured to apply the virtual medium to enable transactions and opt for cashless bills. Paytm witnessed gigantic usage. It up surged Paytm sales manifolds. During demonetization, Paytm labored and finished six hundred days’ paintings in best 60 days. Its customers accelerated to two hundred million with the aid of using November 2017.

Today Paytm is the maximum precious begin up in India having a valuation of $sixteen bn and it stamped Vijay Shekhar Sharma as one of the leading younger marketers in India.

Berkshire Hathaway cope with Paytm

Another largest success Paytm performed is Berkshire Hathaway funding. Paytm has raised $350 million from Berkshire Hathaway. Though Warren Buffet isn't worried without delay with inside the deal, he has accomplished it with the aid of using Todd Combs. Paytm deal is the primary funding of Berkshire in the Indian Technology Firm.

Courage determines Destiny

Today, Vijay Shekhar Sharma internet wort his $2.7 bn. Success by no means comes adorned at the plate. This warm-hearted and candid entrepreneur made his dream authentic to construct Billion bucks from a time while he used to have the best 10 Rs in his pocket. Vijay Shekhar became now no longer born with a silver spoon however he converted his lifestyles right into a golden one. This is a tale of rags to riches. Vijay Shekhar Sharma motivates us to be ‘Michael Angelo’ of your lifestyles, create and paint your lifestyles with stunning colors. Vijay Shekhar Sharma discovered and taught a lesson that perseverance, confidence, courage, imaginative and prescient could make you a Billionaire. Vijay Shekhar Sharma is coal became a diamond who absolutely imbibes the strains of Allama Iqbal. 

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